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Contemporary Prints & Multiples

kav editions

Stone Lions



Screenprint, in an edition of 45

First launched and exhibited at Tehran Musume of Contemporary Art

Lions of Iran



A suite of 4 original screen prints and 1 handmade and glazed cermic mounted on hand painted PVC board in an edition of 45 and 5 Artist’s Proofs.

First launched and exhibited at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art

Collection: The British Museum

Collection: The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)




Photo-Etching and Aquatint on Paper.





A suite of 6 original Screen Prints

Edition of 10 and 3 Artist’s Proofs

First launched at The Third Line Gallery, Dubai

The Portfolio is based around, and named after, the main sculpture Khalvat – a Persian word that translates to a hidden, private sanctum. Linking science and geometry to the abstract nature of spirituality, it is a reflective attempt to discover the esoteric nature of Iranian culture through the dissection of its architectural forms. Khalvat adopts the traditional triangular form of Rasmi, with the artist exposing through the superficial layers of the structure to offer a look towards the inward and sacred, by juxtaposing the external embellished Iranian architecture with its abandoned equivalent, transparent and accessible in its carcass form.

Traditional Iranian Islamic architecture is introverted, enclosed and recondite. The final creation is inaccessible, and can’t be appreciated completely at a glance or discovered in the initial survey. Intricate ornamental details, superfluity of architectural elements and richness of colors and shades make external envelopment impenetrable for a person to understand the structure within. Preserved with mystery and grandiosity, traditional Iranian architecture is almost inscrutable.

The task set by the artist is to search for the truth, which in Sufi tradition should be found in a clear form. In that sense, layers are peeled apart, opening to the viewer an ability to discover meaning, spirit and the core. Khalvat is a result of comprehensive research in attempting to find a coherent structure in Iranian architecture, and with it a cultural framework itself.